Working Title


Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB

Poster Design: Jud Crandall

Artists Featured: Amy Ash, Alexis Bulman, Christian Demmings, Chris Donovan, Allison Green, Maggie Higgins, Carson Isenor, Corey Isenor, Emily Saab, Lisa Theriault, Julie Whitenect, Dustin Wilson, Nic Wilson

Working Title was an exhibition featuring young contemporary artists from the Maritimes. It set out to explore the way that young adults navigate the cultural, artistic, and economic landscape of this region which has been so strongly impacted by industry. The pieces engaged in some way with the materials and character that built and influence the provinces.

The artists use their subject matter, experiences, imagery, and materials to express the complex relationship they have to the place they live or have left. Their outlook is both affectionate and apprehensive. Undoubtedly informed and inspired by their home and history, they grapple with uncertain futures while maintaining diligent art practices and vibrant creativity. 

Working Title was made possible through a professional development residency granted by artsnb and hosted by the New Brunswick Museum. The New Brunswick Museum collection was an invaluable resource throughout the curatorial process. To demonstrate the pervasiveness of local enterprise on Maritime culture over time, images from the New Brunswick Museum collection were featured in parallel to the contemporary artwork in the exhibition catalogue. To view the full catalogue click here.

Artwork left to right: Alexis Bulman, Lisa Theriault, Carson Isenor, Emily Saab, Amy Ash

Artwork left to right: Carson Isenor, Emily Saab

Photograph by Chris Donovan

Artwork left to right: Emily Saab, Amy Ash, Christian Demmings, Dustin Wilson, Chris Donovan, Alexis Bulman

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